Grow your business with Google Ads & Google Analytics

Reaching consumers and business buyers demands a multi-channel and device approach. With Google Ads, your company can access a full-fledged platform for advertising your products or services to users on all mobile devices, including tablet and desktop.

All in one Google Ads Service

At Layata Digital Services we take care of everything need it to run successful Google Ads Campaigns. From Google text ads, display ads & shopping ads to landing pages, we create the content around your brand. From creatives for the ads to eye-catching landing pages. We make sure that the message is heard/seen loud and clear.

Website Landing Pages That Convert

It is very important to have a landing page with all the information that a potential customer may be looking for before launching any Google Ads campaign. You will need a landing page that shows your customers what you offer and how to contact or buy your services/products on your website. We make sure that the message is consistent both on the Google ads and your landing page and make it easier for potential customers to contact you if they need more information. Because having a good landing page is crucial for a successful Google Ads campaign we offer both as one package. 

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